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September 18, 2015

Flirting with Fate (1916)

Flirting with Fate

Flirting with Fate is a 1916 American film directed by Christy Cabanne and starring Douglas Fairbanks. 

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In the midst of an emotional depression, a man hires a murderer to kill him. But the despair soon passes, and the man must now escape the killer he's hired to end his life.

November 02, 2014

A Natural Born Gambler (1916)

A Natural Born Gambler

A Natural Born Gambler is a 1916 silent film short, the first of only two films starring Broadway
 comic and singer Bert Williams.

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A lovable scoundrel is busted for gambling and thrown into jail, where he dreams of playing poker - but even in his dreams, he loses.

Tigre reale (1916)

Tigre reale

Tigre reale (The royal tigress) is a 1916 silent film directed by Giovanni Pastrone under the name Piero Fosco, adapting the eponymous 1875 novel by Giovanni Verga.

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Giorgio La Ferlita, Italian diplomat in Paris, falls in love during a reception with the Russian countess Natka, who is told to have led to death her former lover.

Where Are My Children? (1916)

Where Are My Children?

Where Are My Children? is a 1916 film in which a district attorney, while prosecuting a doctor for illegal abortions, finds out that society people, including his wife, used the doctor's services.

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While prosecuting a physician for the death of a client after an abortion, the district attorney discovers that his wife helped her society friends and the daughter of her maid obtain and pay for abortions from the physician (and was perhaps herself also a client.)Written by Anonymous

Civilization (1916)



Civilization is a 1916 American pacifist allegorical drama film produced by Thomas H. Ince, written by C. Gardner Sullivan, and directed by Ince, Reginald Barker and Raymond B. West

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Allegorical film about peace. A king starts a war, many of the women are against it, people are pressed into service. A count has constructed a submarine and gets the order to sink an ocean liner, that is also carrying - supposedly - ammunition for the enemy. The count refuses to fire the torpedos, and sinks the submarine. He survives, but in a limbo between death and life where he meets Jesus, who takes him over to preach peace. Naturally the king arrests him and sentences him to death for treason, but then Jesus shows him the real face of war. Written by Stephan Eichenberg <>


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