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September 10, 2015

Rose-Marie (1928) Preview Clip


A thrill in a thousand! A film sensation from the play that ran two years!

Rose-Marie was a 1928 American drama film directed by Lucien Hubbard.

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Marie de Flor (MacDonald), a glamorous Canadian prima donna, is renowned for her beauty, exquisite voice and fierce temperament. When news arrives that her brother Jack (Jimmy Stewart in one of his earliest screen roles) has been wounded in a prison escape, Marie realizes she must go to him despite the danger. Lured into the wilderness, she encounters Sgt. Bruce (Eddy), who is hunting the fugitive. Sgt. Bruce is soon hot on Marie's trail as well! The New York Times called Rose-Marie a "blithely melodious film rich in scenic beauty." And after all these years, this rugged romance is as wonderful as ever. 

August 18, 2015

The Finishing Touch (1928)

The Finishing Touch

The Finishing Touch is a 1928 short comedy silent film produced by Hal Roach, directed by Clyde Bruckman and starring Laurel and Hardy.

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The boys are contracted to build a house in one day. Upon completion, a bird lands on the chimney and the house collapses, bit by bit. When the owner demands his money back, mayhem ensues.

November 13, 2014

The Singing Fool (1928) Insert

The Singing Fool

SEE and HEAR AL JOLSON IN "THE SINGING FOOL" Singing "Sonny Boy" and six other sensational song hits! 

The Singing Fool is a 1928 musical drama Part-Talkie motion picture which was released

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November 09, 2014

Moulin Rouge (1928)

Moulin Rouge

Moulin Rouge is a 1928 British silent drama film directed by Ewald André Dupont and starring Olga TschechowaEve Gray and Jean Bradin

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Parysia is the rage of Paris. She has a daughter, secretly engaged to Andre, and the boy's aristocratic father objects to the alliance because of Margaret's mother being a revue artist. Director Ewald Andre Dupont took almost a year to make Moulin Rouge at a production cost of $500,000, a huge amount for 1928. 
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October 16, 2014

Spies (1928) Scene


Spione (English title: Spies, under which title it was released in the United States) is a German silent espionage thriller written and directed by Fritz Lang in 1928.

The mastermind behind a ubiquitous spy operation learns of a dangerous romance between
 a Russian lady in his employ and a dashing agent from the government's secret service.


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