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August 30, 2015

The Man on the Eiffel Tower (1949) Trailer

The Man on the Eiffel Tower

MURDER! MYSTERY! MANHUNT! in the gayest city in the world!

The Man on the Eiffel Tower is a 1950 American mystery film directed by Burgess Meredith and starring Charles Laughton, Franchot Tone, Meredith, and Robert Hutton. It is based on the 1931 novel La Tête d'un homme (A Man's Head) by Belgian writer Georges Simenon featuring his detective Jules Maigret.

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Johann Radek (Franchot Tone) is an impoverished Parisian medical student who overhears Bill Kirby (Robert Hutton) saying that he wished somebody would murder his wealthy aunt so that he could collect the inheritance. Radek decides to kill the old lady and her maid but is surprised by an incredibly short-sighted burglar, Heurtin (Burgess Meredith). When Heurtin stumbles over the dead body he unwittingly incriminates himself and becomes the focal point of the police investigation. Inspector Maigret (Charles Laughton) has to solve one of his most infamous cases as he pursues the murderer across the rooftops and streets of Paris. As the two protagonists play a deadly game of cat and mouse, Maigret confronts his suspect in a stunning climax on top of the Eiffel Tower.

March 26, 2015

Night Unto Night (1949) Trailer

Night Unto Night

Whatever it is, there's nothing you can't tell the woman you love.

Night Unto Night is a 1949 drama film directed by Don Siegel, based on the 1944 novel by Philip Wylie. It stars Ronald Reagan.

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Ronald Reagan stars as a stricken scientist in this metaphysical melodrama alongside the enchanting Viveca Lindfors. Diagnosed with epilepsy, biochemist John Galen moves to the Everglades in Florida to work in shame and isolation. He moves into a house owned by a widow who is haunted by the voice of her dead husband. Together, they are forced to confront the mysteries of faith and fate. Directed by Don Siegel.
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The Hasty Heart (1949) Trailer

The Hasty Heart

The Hasty Heart is a 1949 Anglo-American co-production directed by Vincent Sherman and starring Ronald Reagan, Patricia Neal, and Richard Todd.

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In Burma on the penultimate day of World War II, Cameron Highlander Lachlan 'Lachie' MacLachlan is seriously wounded and transported to a local military hospital. He seems to have recovered from his wounds but appearances can be deceiving. The hospital commander asks nursing Sister Margaret Parker and the five remaining soldiers in her ward to befriend Lachie as he is dying and has only a few weeks to live. Lachie, who is not aware of his prognosis, is a proud man who wants no help from anyone. Slowly however, relationships are formed and Lachie begins to appreciate friendship, something he has never had with anyone.

January 25, 2015

The Rose of Baghdad (1949)

La rosa di Bagdad

La Rosa di Bagdad (English: The Rose of Baghdad) is a 1949 Italian animated film.
In 1952, the film was dubbed into English, retitled The Singing Princess and starring Julie Andrews in her first film and first venture into voice-over work. 

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November 11, 2014

The Great Dan Patch (1949)

The Great Dan Patch


The Great Dan Patch is a 1949 American film directed by Joseph M. Newman about the trotting horse Dan Patch.

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One of the most famous trotters ever, Dan Patch--a horse so fast he had only his own records to race against toward the end of his career--is the subject of this film biography. Dennis O'Keefe plays the farm-raised chemist-cum-trainer who drives Dan to his greatest victories, losing his patrician wife (Ruth Warrick) along the way, but falling in love with another woman who loves harness racing as much as he does (Gail Russell). Dan Patch was a sports superstar with extensive endorsements (including washing machines and cigars). 

Christopher Columbus (1949) Intro

Christopher Columbus

The greatest adventure man ever lived!

Christopher Columbus is a 1949 British biographical film starring Fredric March as Christopher Columbus and Florence Eldridge as Queen Isabella.

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Using a letter of introduction from Queen Isabella's former confessor, Christopher Columbus gains access to the Spanish court where he tries to convince authorities of the practicality of his proposed voyage to reach to Far East by sailing west. Court intrigue and the efforts of Francisco de Bobadilla, whose financial interests would be hurt by Columbus' success, are roadblocks to the voyage, but the navigator perseveres and ultimately prevails. Written by


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