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August 25, 2015

The Violent Years (1956) Trailer

The Violent Years

Teenage Killers Taking Their Thrills Unashamed!

The Violent Years is a 1956 American exploitation film starring Jean Moorhead as Paula Parkins, the leader of a gang of juvenile delinquent high school girls. 

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Paula Parkins is the teenage daughter of wealthy parents whom don't seem to make time for her, so she looks for thrills as the leader of her all girl gang who steal, rob, and rape young men.

February 09, 2015

Alexander the Great (1956) Trailer

Alexander the Great

Conqueror of conquerors! Spectacle of spectacles! The colossus of motion pictures! 

Alexander the Great is a 1956 American sword-and-sandal epic film about the life of Macedonian general and king Alexander the Great, written, directed and produced by Robert Rossen with Gordon S. Griffith as executive producer.

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Alexander the Great was a fierce military commander who led huge armies into battle without a single defeat; a magnificent warrior who many believed was part god - this was Alexander the Great (Richard Burton), the legendary Greek hero hailed by his countrymen as "The King of Kings". 

January 14, 2015

Seven Men from Now (1956) Trailer

Seven Men from Now

Seven Men from Now is a 1956 Western film directed by Budd Boetticher and starring Randolph ScottGail Russell, and Lee Marvin.

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Ex-sheriff Ben Stride tracks the seven men who held up a Wells Fargo office and killed his wife. Stride is tormented by the fact that his own failure to keep his job was the cause of his wife's working in the express office and thus he is partly responsible for her death. Stride encounters a married couple heading west for California and helps them. Along the way they are joined by two n'er-do-wells, Masters and Clete, who know that Stride is after the express-office robbers. They plan to let Stride lead them to the bandits, then make away with the loot themselves. But they aren't the only ones carrying a secret.Written by Jim Beaver <>

January 04, 2015

1984 (1956)


SEX the terrifying world of tomorrow! 

1984 is a 1956 film, based freely on the novel of the same name by George Orwell, depicting a totalitarian future society. 

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In a futuristic, state-run society controlled by "Big Brother" in which love is outlawed, employee of the state Winston Smith falls for Julia, and is tortured and brainwashed for his crime. Written by Marty McKee <>

October 04, 2014

The Burmese Harp (1956) Trailer

Biruma no tategoto

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At the close of World War II, a Japanese army regiment in Burma surrenders to the British. Private
Mizushima is sent on a lone mission to persuade a trapped Japanese battalion to surrender also. 
When the outcome is a failure, he disguises himself in the robes of a Buddhist monk in hope of
 temporary anonymity as he journeys across the landscape -- but he underestimates the
 power of his assumed role.

October 01, 2014

The Creature Walks Among Us (1956) Trailer

The Creature Walks Among Us

In this third Gill-Man feature, the Creature is captured and turned into an air-breather by a rich mad scientist.
 This creature is none too happy and he escapes, killing people and setting fires in the process.

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