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August 24, 2015

High School Hellcats (1958) Trailer

High School Hellcats

...what must a good girl say to "belong?"

High School Hellcats is an American black-and-white 1958 film about a high school girl gang. 

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Joyce Martin is a transfer student at her new school. On her first day, she is seized up by the leader of the Hellcats, Connie. For her first test of initiation, Joyce is tricked into wearing slacks to school even though it is verboten by school policy. During class, the teacher asks Joyce to be the blackboard volunteer. Joyce reluctantly gets up and Miss Davis asks her why she is wearing slacks. Flustered for an answer with the Hellcats looking on, Joyce runs out of the classroom and leaves school premises. She finds her way to a nearby coffeeshop. She meets the coffee shop employee, Mike, a college student who takes night classes, as he must financially support himself.
When she returns home, she receives a call from one of her Hellcats class member where she is lured to the Hellcats hideout in an abandoned movie theater under the premise of a "homework party." There, she is officially introduced to the members of the Hellcats. Connie explains to her the premise of the group: the Hellcats are a girl gang who rule the social order of the school. If she is invited to join, she will be popular; if she fails, her life will be very rough. Joyce has passed the first test but must undergone three in total before initiation. *Wikipedia*

February 18, 2015

Macabre (1958) Trailer


 If it frightens you to death, you'll be buried free of charge!

Macabre is a 1958 thriller film directed by William Castle, written by Robb White, and starring William Prince, Jim Backus, Christine White, Jacqueline Scott, and Susan Morrow. 

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Doctor Rod Barrett's (William Prince) young daughter has been kidnapped by a mysterious maniac who has buried her alive "in a large coffin". The doctor has five hours in which to find and rescue her before her air runs out and she suffocates. The maniacal killer apparently, also murdered Doctor Barrett's wife and sister.Various family members and friends become potential suspects as they help in the search, wandering through dark graveyards, crypts, thunder and lightning, and red-herrings. The somewhat muddy plot leads to a surprise conclusion that reveals the guilty party and the motive. At the film's end, the voice of William Castle is heard throughout the theater, requesting that the audience not reveal the unexpected ending to others.

January 20, 2015

The Naked Maja (1958) Trailer

The Naked Maja

 Now she is yours...the matchless...the shameless beauty who lives forever as The Naked Maja!

The Naked Maja (1958) is an Italian-French-American co-production made by S.G.C., Titanus Films and United Artists

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January 14, 2015

Saddle the Wind (1958) Trailer

Saddle the Wind

 Brothers with guns who... Saddle the Wind .

Saddle the Wind (1958) is a Western film directed by Robert Parrish, written by Rod Serling and produced by Armand Deutsch. It was filmed in Metrocolor and CinemaScope.

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Steve Sinclair is a world a world-weary former gunslinger, now living as a peaceful farmer. Things go wrong when his wild younger brother Tony arrives on the scene with his new bride Joan Blake.

January 09, 2015

Grip of the Strangler (1958) Trailer

The Haunted Strangler

KING OF THE MONSTERS! KARLOFF IN HIS NEW HORROR HIT! (original print ad - all caps) 

The Haunted Strangler (also known as Grip of the Strangler and originally titled The Judas Hole) is a 1958 British horror film directed by Robert Day.

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A writer investigating the execution of a serial killer known as "The Haymarket Strangler" 20 years previously begins to suspect that the wrong man might have been hanged. However, when he picks up a scalpel used by the murderer, he finds himself possessed by the killer's spirit and begins committing similar murders. Written by Anonymous

Corridors of Blood (1958) Trailer

Corridors of Blood

 Tops in Terror!

Corridors of Blood is a 1958 horror film directed by Robert Day.

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Dr. Thomas Bolton (Boris Karloff) experiments with anesthetic gases in an effort to make surgery pain-free. While doing so, his demonstration before a panel of his peers ends in a horrific mishap with his patient awakening under the knife; he is forced to leave his position in disgrace. To complicate matters, he becomes addicted to the gases and gets involved with a gang of criminals, led by Black Ben and his henchman Resurrection Joe (Christopher Lee). Unfortunately, this shady partnership leads Bolton to further ruin, culminating in his unwitting participation in murder — for which he becomes the first victim of a blackmail scheme.

December 21, 2014

The Trollenberg Terror (1958) Trailer

The Crawling Eye

A man dissolves...and out of the oozing mist comes the hungry eye, slave to the demon brain! 

The Trollenberg Terror is the title of both a 1956 "Saturday Serial" ITV UK television programme and a better-known 1958 black-and-white science fiction film. The latter is also known as The Crawling EyeCreature from Another WorldThe Creeping Eye, and The Flying Eye.

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A remote mountain resort in Switzerland is invaded by horrible alien creatures that like to decapitate humans. The beings are also in telepathic communication with people and inhabit a mysterious, radioactive cloud at the base of the Trollenberg mountain.Written by Jeremy Lunt <>

Queen of Outer Space (1958) Trailer

Queen of Outer Space

Mankind's first fantastic flight to Venus - the female planet!

Queen of Outer Space is a 1958 American CinemaScope science fiction feature film starring Zsa Zsa GaborEric Fleming, and Laurie Mitchell in a tale about a revolt against a cruel Venusian queen.

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Breaking news from space! The bad: an intrepid captain and his men have landed on a planet where males are outlawed. The good: some women there are eager to break the law! Queen of Outer Space is a milestone of movie camp. Eric Fleming plays the granite-jawed leader who shares with his crew the crime of maleness. That's just the start of their troubles. The man-hating Venusian Queen (Laurie Mitchell) aims to destroy Earth once a Beta Disintegrator is operational. But a gossamer-gowned scientist (Zsa Zsa Gabor) and her curvy cohorts eye the men, and they like what they see. This Bijou bauble has sets, costumes and effects from Flight to Mars, Forbidden Planet and World Without End. Have fun spotting them! Botchino!

December 18, 2014

Attack of the 50 Foot Woman (1958) Trailer

Attack of the 50 Foot Woman

 See a female colossus... her mountainous torso, skyscraper limbs, giant desires!

Attack of the 50 Foot Woman is a 1958 American low-budget science fiction feature film produced by Bernard Woolner for Allied Artists Pictures.

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Nancy Archer is a rich socialite who is unhappily married to husband Harry who left her once but came back to her when he needed money. It hasn't stopped him from continuing his affair with Honey Parker and Nancy knows it. After a confrontation at a local bar, Nancy takes off in her car and has an encounter with a large sphere on the road. There have been rumors of UFOs in the area but no one will believe her. After a second encounter, Nancy grows to an amazing size. More than enough to get her revenge. Written by garykmcd

October 17, 2014

Half Human: The Story of the Abominable Snowman (1958) Trailer

Half Human: The Story of the Abominable Snowman

From the wild frozen wastes of the world comes the MURDERING MONSTER
 that moves like a man! 

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Japanese villagers worship a monster and his son who live in an island cave. Some
circus people hear about them, go to the island to capture the monster and wind
 up shooting its son. Then the trouble starts. 
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