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March 15, 2016

The World, the Flesh and the Devil (1959) Trailer

The World, the Flesh and the Devil 

The Most Unusual Story Ever Told!

The World, the Flesh and the Devil is a 1959 American science fiction doomsday film written and directed by Ranald MacDougall. 

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Belafonte plays a miner who gets trapped in a small cave-in. He digs his way out to find every living soul on earth has vanished; that is until he discovers Inger Stevens. This tale of a post-apocalyptic world is heightened by some interesting sexual and racial overtones.


August 23, 2015

Night of the Ghouls (1959) Trailer

Night of the Ghouls

Night of the Ghouls is a 1958 horror film (released in 1959) written and directed by Ed Wood, and a sequel of sorts to the 1955 film Bride of the Monster.

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Phony spiritualist raises the dead.

August 09, 2015

Teenagers from Outer Space (1959) Trailer

Teenagers from Outer Space

Before - A Beautiful Girl. One Moment Later - A Skeleton!

Teenagers from Outer Space, released as The Gargon Terror in the UK and originally titled The Ray Gun Terror, is a 1959 science-fiction film about an extraterrestrial space ship landing on Earth to use it as a farm for its food supply. 

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The Giant Gila Monster (1959) Trailer

The Giant Gila Monster

Only Hell could breed such an enormous beast. Only God could destroy it!

The Giant Gila Monster is a 1959 hot rod/monster/science fiction film, directed by Ray Kellogg and produced by Ken Curtis.

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A giant lizard terrorizes a rural Texas community with a heroic teenager attempting to destroy the creature.

The Killer Shrews (1959) Trailer

The Killer Shrews

"Your skin will crawl with fear at their nearness"

The Killer Shrews is a 1959 science fiction film directed by Ray Kellogg. It was filmed outside of Dallas, Texas back-to-back with The Giant Gila Monster by producers Ken Curtis and Gordon McLendon. 

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On an isolated island, a small group of people are terrorized by giant voracious shrews in the midst of a hurricane.

February 28, 2015

Suddenly, Last Summer (1959) Trailer

Suddenly, Last Summer

TENNESSEE WILLIAMS shocks you again as he transports you to a STRANGE, NEW BOLD WORLD!

Suddenly, Last Summer is a 1959 American Southern Gothic mystery film based on the play of the same title by Tennessee Williams. 

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January 14, 2015

Ride Lonesome (1959) Trailer

Ride Lonesome

Scorching lead-hot action all the way!

Ride Lonesome is a 1959 Western film directed by Budd Boetticher and starring Randolph ScottKaren SteelePernell RobertsLee Van Cleef, and James Coburn in his film debut.

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Bounty hunter Ben Brigade (Randolph Scott) captures wanted outlaw Billy John (James Best), who brags that his brother Frank (Lee Van Cleef) will never allow Brigade to take Billy John to justice in Santa Cruz, California. Along the way, Brigade comes to the rescue of a woman, Carrie Lane (Karen Steele), whom he and a pair of unwelcome new partners, gunmen Sam Boone (Pernell Roberts) and his friend Whit (James Coburn), take along toward safety. But Brigade knows that the reward on Billy John's head is the real motive behind Sam's and Whit's arrival, and that outlaw leader Frank won't be far behind.

January 09, 2015

The Tingler (1959) Trailer

The Tingler


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Dr. Warren Chapin is a pathologist who regularly conducts autopsies on executed prisoners at the State prison. He has a theory that fear is the result of a creature that inhabits all of us. His theory is that the creature is suppressed by our ability to scream when fear strikes us. He gets a chance to test his theories when he meets Ollie and Martha Higgins, who own and operate a second-run movie theater. Martha is deaf and mute and if she is unable to scream, extreme fear should make the creature, which Chapin has called the Tingler, come to life and grow. Using LSD to induce nightmares, he begins his experiment.Written by garykmcd

Return of the Fly (1959) Trailer

Return of the Fly

 The horror is back! 

Return of the Fly is the first sequel to the 1958 horror film The Fly.

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Fifteen years after his father's experiments with matter transmission fail, Philippe Delambre and his uncle François attempt to create a matter transmission device on their own. However, their experiments have disastrous results, turning Philippe into a horrible half-man, half-fly creature. Written by Jeremy Lunt <>

January 08, 2015

The Bat (1959) Trailer

The Bat

P.S. After seeing 'The Bat' 7 out of 8 people will get cold feet tonight!

The Bat is an American mystery film from 1959 directed by Crane Wilbur, and starring Vincent Price and Agnes Moorehead.

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Mystery writer Cornelia Van Gorder has rented a country house called "The Oaks", which not long ago had been the scene of some murders committed by a strange and violent criminal known as "The Bat". Meanwhile, the house's owner, bank president John Fleming, has recently embezzled one million dollars in securities, and has hidden the proceeds in the house, but he is killed before he can retrieve the money. Thus the lonely country house soon becomes the site of many mysterious and dangerous activities.Written by Snow Leopard

December 29, 2014

Jazz on a Summer's Day (1959) Trailer

Jazz on a Summer's Day

Their Songs and Music Set the Musical Mood

Jazz on a Summer's Day (1960) is a documentary film set at the 1958 Newport Jazz Festival in Rhode Island, co-filmed and co-directed by commercial and fashion photographer Bert Stern and director Aram Avakian, who also edited the movie. 

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Set at the Newport jazz festival in 1958, this documentary features Thelonious Monk, Sal Salvador, Anita O'Day, Dinah Washington, Chuck Berry, Louis Armstrong, and Mahalia Jackson.

December 28, 2014

On the Beach (1959) Trailer

On the Beach

On the Beach is a 1959 American post-apocalyptic science fiction drama film, produced and directed by Stanley Kramer, and starring Gregory PeckAva GardnerFred Astaire and Anthony Perkins.

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In 1964, atomic war wipes out humanity in the northern hemisphere; one American submarine finds temporary safe haven in Australia, where life-as-usual covers growing despair. In denial about the loss of his wife and children in the holocaust, American Captain Towers meets careworn but gorgeous Moira Davidson, who begins to fall for him. The sub returns after reconnaissance a month (or less) before the end; will Towers and Moira find comfort with each other? Written by Rod Crawford <>

December 16, 2014

The Immoral Mr. Teas (1959)

The Immoral Mr. Teas

A Frenchy Comedy for Unashamed Adults!

The Immoral Mr. Teas (1959) is the first commercially successful film of director Russ Meyer.

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Mr. Teas is a door to door salesman for dentists' appliances. Everywhere he goes he encounters beautiful "well-developed" nude women, which of course stir his interest. The only sound in the film is the voice of a narrator and a very monotonic musical theme played on the clarinet or some similar instrument. Written by Blort

October 01, 2014

The Alligator People (1959) Trailer

The Alligator People

Also starring Lon Chaney, (as Manon), and Frieda Inescort, (as Mrs. Lavinia Hawthorne,
 Henry's Wife), "The Alligator People", is a scary sci-fi movie made at the 
end of the 1950's b movie cycle.
Recommended. ” - roberthelliger

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A newlywed couple sit in a train. The husband receives a frantic telegram. He gets off at a station to make a phone call, the train pulls away without him on it, and that's the last
 his wife sees of him. Years later after a long search she finally tracks him down on 
his family's southern estate where she discovers that a failed 
medical treatment has turned him into an alligator mutant. 


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