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February 08, 2016

The Flamingo Kid (1984) Trailer

The Flamingo Kid 

A legend in his own neighborhood.

The Flamingo Kid is a 1984 American comedy film directed by Garry Marshall and written by Marshall, Neal Marshall and Bo Goldman.

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Matt Dillon plays Jeff, who has just started his last summer vacation before college. His dad wants him to work in an office for the summer, but he wants to work at an upscale beach resort called The Flamingo.


June 22, 2015

The River (1984) Trailer

The River

He showed her his strength, his courage, his incredible will. She showed him her love.

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 Farming family battles severe storms, a bank threatening to reposses their farm, and other hard times in a battle to save and hold on to their farm.

April 11, 2015

Emmanuelle IV (1984) Trailer

Emmanuelle IV

Emmanuelle reborn in her most erotic adventure yet...

Emmanuelle 4 is the fourth official theatrical feature film in the Emmanuelle franchise. 

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Emmanuelle 4 is the fourth official tSylvia (Sylvia Kristel) is involved in a tormented love affair with Marc. She has tried to end their love, and escape, but always ends up back with him. After an encounter at a Los Angeles party, she decides she's had enough - she will go to Brazil and get extensive plastic surgery. This way he will never recognize her again, much less find her, and it will make for a great article which she promises to hand in to a California newspaper.
Sylvia goes through with it, and becomes a new woman named Emmanuelle (Mia Nygren); she is now a twenty year old virgin. She plans to take on all of Brazil in a series of sexual escapades that will purge her past. * Wikipedia*

April 01, 2015

The Hit (1984) Trailer

The Hit

Even Bad Guys Have Bad Days.

The Hit is a 1984 British drama film directed by Stephen Frears and starring John Hurt, Terence Stamp and Tim Roth.

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March 28, 2015

The River Rat (1984) Trailer

The River Rat

 He paid for his crime . . . now he must pay for his freedom!

The River Rat is a 1984 independent family film starring Tommy Lee Jones and Martha Plimpton.

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When an ex-convict returns to his Mississippi river home to meet his teenage daughter, whom he hasn't seen since infancy, he finds himself with more than a handful...and his life is complicated by threats he receives from his underhanded parole officer.

Give My Regards to Broad Street (1984) Trailer

Give My Regards to Broad Street

Six million dollars says that they won't find Harry by midnight 

Give My Regards to Broad Street is the soundtrack album to the 1984 film of the same name and the sixth studio album by Paul McCartney. 

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January 28, 2015

Finders Keepers (1984) Trailer

Finders Keepers

A coast to coast joy ride

Finders Keepers is a 1984 comedy film directed by Richard Lester and starring Michael O'KeefeBeverly D'Angelo and Jim Carrey.

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On the run from the police and a female roller derby team, scam artist Michael Rangeloff steals a coffin and boards a train, pretending to be a soldier bringing home a dead war buddy. He gets more than he bargained for from the train and the coffin.

January 27, 2015

Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (1984) Trailer

Star Trek III: The Search for Spock

The needs of the one outweigh the needs of the many.

Star Trek III: The Search for Spock is a 1984 American science fiction film released by Paramount Pictures.

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Admiral Kirk's defeat of Khan and the creation of the Genesis planet are empty victories. Spock is dead and McCoy is inexplicably being driven insane. Then a surprise visit from Sarek, Spock's father, provides a startling revelation: McCoy is harboring Spock's living essence. With one friend alive and one not, but both in pain, Kirk attempts to help his friends by stealing the U.S.S. Enterprise and defying Starfleet's Genesis planet quarantine. But the Klingons have also learned of Genesis and race to meet Kirk in a deadly rendezvous.

January 16, 2015

Almanac of Fall (1984) Excerpt

Őszi almanach

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A large, claustrophobic apartment is the setting for this intense chamber drama. In this dense setting, the inhabitants of the apartment reveal their darkest secrets, fears, obsessions and hostilities.

January 14, 2015

The Brother from Another Planet (1984) Trailer

The Brother from Another Planet

Welcome to a world of crude beauty... of danger and excitement... of wonders, legend, and imagination... Welcome to Harlem, Brother.

The Brother from Another Planet is a 1984 science fiction film written, directed and edited by John Sayles. It stars Joe Morton as "The Brother", an alien and escaped slave who, while fleeing "Another Planet", has crash-landed and hides in Harlem.

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A mute alien with the appearance of a black human is chased by outer-space bounty hunters through the streets of Harlem.

January 12, 2015

Firestarter (1984) Trailer


Will she have the power... to survive?

Firestarter is a 1984 science fiction thriller film based on the novel of the same name by Stephen King.

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Andrew and Vicky McGee met while earning money as guinea pigs for an experiment at college. The experiment was shrouded in suspicion and mystery, and seemed to be related to psychic abilities. The two were married and had a daughter Charile, who has the ability to start fires by merely thinking about it. Naturally, the government takes a great interest in Charlie, and operatives from the secret department known as "The Shop" want to quarrantine and study her. Written by Murray Chapman <>

January 08, 2015

Bloodbath at the House of Death (1984) Trailer

Bloodbath at the House of Death

The movie that took a lot of guts to make!

Bloodbath at the House of Death is a 1983 comedy horror film starring the British comedian Kenny Everett and featuring Vincent Price.

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Six scientists arrive at the creepy Headstone Manor to investigate a strange phenomena which was the site of a mysterious massacre years earlier where 18 guests were killed in one night. It turns out that the house is the place of a satanic cult lead by a sinister monk who plans to kill the scientists who are inhabiting this house of Satan.Written by Anonymous

January 04, 2015

1984 (1956)


SEX the terrifying world of tomorrow! 

1984 is a 1956 film, based freely on the novel of the same name by George Orwell, depicting a totalitarian future society. 

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In a futuristic, state-run society controlled by "Big Brother" in which love is outlawed, employee of the state Winston Smith falls for Julia, and is tortured and brainwashed for his crime. Written by Marty McKee <>

December 27, 2014

Ghoulies (1984) Trailer


They'll get you in the end.

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A young man and his girlfriend move into an man's old mansion home, where he becomes possessed by a need to control ancient demons.

December 26, 2014

Starman (1984) Trailer


He has traveled from a galaxy far beyond our own. He is 100,000 years ahead of us. He has powers we cannot comprehend. And he is about to face the one force in the universe he has yet to conquer. Love. 

Starman is a 1984 American romantic science fiction film, directed by John Carpenter, that tells the story of an alien (Jeff Bridges) who has come to Earth in response to the invitation found on the gold phonograph record installed on the Voyager 2 space probe.

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Jenny Hayden never did get over the death of her husband. So when an alien life form decides to model "himself" on the husband, Jenny is understandably confused if not terrified. The alien, or Starman, as he is called, has a deadline to meet, and kidnaps Jenny in order to meet it. Written by Rob Hartill

December 21, 2014

Revenge of the Nerds (1984) Trailer

Revenge of the Nerds

Let the battle begin!

Revenge of the Nerds is a 1984 American comedy film about social life on a college campus.

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When lovable nerds Gilbert and Lewis embark on their freshman year at Adams College, little do they realize the perils that await them. They're beset with taunting by the jocks of Alpha Beta fraternity, which only worsens when the jocks accidentally burn down their house and are forced toss the freshmen out of the freshmen dorm. To make matters more problematic, Lewis develops a crush on pretty Betty Childs, popular sorority sister and quarterback's girlfriend. Joined by the aptly named Booger and the violin-playing Pointdexter, the nerds soon realize they must form their own fraternity in self-defense. Soon the tables are turned as the nerds employ high-tech warfare against the jocks.... but can they really win and make a difference? Written by Rick Munoz <>

December 20, 2014

Bachelor Party (1984) Trailer

Bachelor Party

A man's tradition every woman should know about. 

Bachelor Party is a 1984 comedy film directed by Neal Israel, written by Israel and Pat Proft, and starring Tom HanksAdrian Zmed, William Tepper and Tawny Kitaen.

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Rick Gassko is about to marry Debbie Thompson. Her parents hate him. Her old boyfriend hates him. They all have money and he gets a cut of the crap games on the Catholic school bus that he drives. His friends decide to give him the bachelor party of all bachelor parties in an expensive hotel with booze, adult movies and hookers. As the players catch wind of the elements of the party, each adds a little monkey wrench so that one set of hookers ends up giving demos at the bride's shower, the brides friends end up dressed as hookers in a room with a number of non English speaking Japanese businessmen, and so on, as things get out of hand. Written by John Vogel <>

C.H.U.D. (1984) Trailer


 A recent article in a New York newspaper reported that there were large colonies of people living under the city... The paper was incorrect. What is living under the city is not human. C.H.U.D. is under the city.

C.H.U.D. is a 1984 American horror film produced by Andrew Bonime, and directed by Douglas Cheek with Peter Stein as the director of photography and William Bilowit as production designer.

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A rash of bizarre murders in New York City seems to point to a group of grotesquely deformed vagrants living in the sewers. A courageous policeman, a photo journalist and his girlfriend, and a nutty bum, who seems to know a lot about the creatures, band together to try and determine what the creatures are and how to stop them.

November 17, 2014

Love Streams (1984) Trailer

Love Streams

Love Streams is a 1984 American film directed by John Cassavetes that tells the story of a middle-aged brother and sister who find themselves caring for one another after the other loves in their lives abandon them.

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The film describes a few days in the life of the writer Robert Harmon and his sister Sarah. The decadent life of Robert is made of alcohol, cigarettes, and short-time relationships with women; women he interviews for a book, he spends a weekend with at a casino or fall in love with for the fun of an evening. Having no constraints, he his unable to be responsible for anything including the care of his son, leaving him alone in an hotel room and teaching the 12-years old boy how to drink. His life is made of his own phantasms as an artist. His sister is divorcing from her husband because of her exuberant and insane behavior. She scares her daughter Debbie who prefers to stay with her father, a decision that hurts Sarah very deeply and reinforces her nervous breakdown. Most of the movie takes place in the house of Robert. We watch Robert and Sarah struggling with their own lives. As the movie progresses, the house gets empty little by little...Written by Cyril Aubaud (

October 31, 2014

Children of the Corn (1984) Trailer

Children of the Corn

An adult nightmare.

Children of the Corn (also known as Stephen King's Children of the Corn) is a 1984 supernatural horror film based upon the 1977 short story of the same name by Stephen King.

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A boy preacher named Isaac goes to a town in Nebraska called Gatlin and gets all the children to murder every adult in town. A young couple have a murder to report and they go to the nearest town (Gatlin) to seek help but the town seems deserted. They are soon trapped in Gatlin with little chance of getting out alive. Written by Éamonn Green


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