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February 12, 2016

Phantasm II (1988) Trailer

Phantasm II

Terrifying - Relentless - Unstoppable

Phantasm II is a 1988 American action-horror film and sequel to Phantasm (1979).

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Phantasm 2 Trailer - Directed by Don Coscarelli and starring James LeGros, Reggie Bannister, Angus Scrimm, Kenneth Tigar, Mark Anthony Major. Mike, after his release from a psychiatric hospital, teams up with his old pal Reggie to hunt down the Tall Man, who is at it again. A mysterious, beautiful girl has also become part of Mike's dreams, and they must find her before the Tall Man does.


June 26, 2015

Killer Klowns from Outer Space (1988) Trailer

Killer Klowns from Outer Space

In Space No One Can Eat Ice Cream!

Killer Klowns from Outer Space is a 1988 American science fiction horror comedy movie made by The Chiodo Brothers and starring Grant Cramer and Suzanne Snyder.

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Killer Klowns from Outer Space Trailer - Directed by Stephen Chiodo and starring Grant Cramer, John Allen Nelson, John Vernon, Michael Siegel, Peter Licassi. Aliens, who look like clowns, arrive on Earth to capture and harvest people in order to use them as sustenance.

June 19, 2015

All the Little Animals (1998) Trailer

Todos los animales pequeños

Of All the Animals, The Cruelest is Man.

All the Little Animals is a 1998 feature film, directed and produced by Jeremy Thomas, based on the novel of the same name by Walker Hamilton.

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An emotionally challenged young man named Bobby (Christian Bale) runs away from home in order to escape his abusive stepfather who has killed his pets. He meets an old man, Mr. Summers (John Hurt), who spends his time traveling and giving burials to animals that have been killed by cars. Bobby, also having an affinity for animals, becomes friends with the old man and aids him in his task.

May 25, 2015

Hellbound: Hellraiser II (1988) Trailer

Hellbound: Hellraiser II

Time to play.

Hellbound: Hellraiser II is a 1988 British-American horror film directed by Tony Randel.

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Hellbound: Hellraiser II is a 1988 horror film directed by Tony Randel The movie opens with a flashback of Captain Elliott Spencer (Doug Bradley) playing with the Lament Configuration box. When Spencer "solves" the puzzle, he is transported to Hell and transformed into the Cenobite called Pinhead.

April 26, 2015

Felix the Cat: The Movie (1988) Trailer

Felix the Cat: The Movie

The cat is back! 

Felix the Cat: The Movie is a 1988 Hungarian-American animated fantasy film directed by Tibor Hernádi and based on the cartoon and comic strip character of the same name.

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In another dimension, the villainous scientist Duke of Zill, with the help of his mechanical, geometric army, takes over the Land of Oriana, prompting Felix the Cat to save its princess and restore order once again.

April 14, 2015

Two Moon Junction (1988) Trailer

Two Moon Junction

 Let your body move your mind

Let your bodTwo Moon Junction is a 1988 American English language erotic thriller and romance film written and directed by Zalman King, starring Sherilyn Fenn and Richard Tyson.

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April (Sherilyn Fenn) is the daughter of a powerful senator to a Southern state of America. She is also just about to marry Chad (Martin Hewitt). When Chad has to go on a trip, and her family go on a short holiday, April begins a steamy affair with a local carnival worker (Richard Tyson). However, unbeknownst to her, April's rich grandmother has conspired with the local sheriff to keep an eye on her and he has a few stories to tell at the wedding...

February 17, 2015

Miracle Mile (1988) Trailer

Miracle Mile

 You just found out that you have 24 hours to live. What are YOU going to do?

Miracle Mile is a 1988 American apocalyptic thriller cult film written and directed by Steve De Jarnatt, and starring Anthony Edwards and Mare Winningham that takes place mostly in real time. 

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February 14, 2015

Dangerous Liaisons (1988) Trailer

Dangerous Liaisons

Lust. Seduction. Revenge. The Game As You've Never Seen It Played Before.

Dangerous Liaisons is a 1988 historical drama film based upon Christopher Hampton's play Les liaisons dangereuses, which in turn was a theatrical adaptation of the 18th-century French novel Les Liaisons dangereuses by Pierre Choderlos de Laclos.

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February 12, 2015

The Last of England (1988) Clip

The Last of England

The Last of England is a (1987) British film directed by Derek Jarman.

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It is a poetic, rather than realistic, depiction of what Jarman felt was the loss of traditional English culture in the 1980s.

February 10, 2015

Action Jackson (1988) Trailer

Action Jackson

 It's Time For "Action"

Action Jackson is a 1988 American action film directed by Craig R. Baxley and starring Carl Weathers, Vanity, Craig T. Nelson and Sharon Stone.

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Like a blast from a .44 Magnum, Carl Weathers makes "Action Jackson" a hero who delivers the goods in Charisma and excitement. He plays Detroit Police Sgt. Jericho Jackson, pitted against the brutal thugs of ruthless auto tycoon Peter Dellaplane, who is out to murder his way to political power. 

February 09, 2015

Talk Radio (1988) Trailer

Talk Radio

The last neighborhood in America.

Talk Radio is a 1988 American drama film, starring Eric Bogosian, Ellen Greene, and Leslie Hope.

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January 16, 2015

Dead Heat (1988) Trailer

Dead Heat

These cops are on the biggest murder case of their lives... their own.

Dead Heat is a 1988 movie about an LAPD police officer, Roger Mortis (Treat Williams), killed while attempting to arrest zombies who have been reanimated by the head of Dante Laboratories in order to carry out violent armed robberies. 

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Roger Mortis and Doug Bigelow are cops that are chasing crooks that are dead serious about crime. Or should I say they are chasing dead crooks perpetrating serious crimes? Seems some nutcase has learned how to bring back the dead and is sending them on crime sprees. Now these indestructable goons are in the way of officers Mortis and Bigelow. To even things up, when Mortis is killed (in the line of duty, of course) he gets a jump start from the Resurrection machine and takes the fight to the zombie bad guys.

January 13, 2015

A Short Film About Killing (1988) Trailer

Krótki film o zabijaniu

A Short Film About Killing (PolishKrótki film o zabijaniu) is a 1988 film directed by Krzysztof Kieślowski and starring Mirosław Baka, Krzysztof Globisz, and Jan Tesarz.

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The plot couldn't be simpler or its attack on capital punishment (and the act of killing in general) more direct - a senseless, violent, almost botched murder is followed by a cold, calculated, flawlessly performed execution (both killings shown in the most graphic detail imaginable), while the murderer's idealistic young defence lawyer ends up as an unwilling accessory to the judicial murder of his client.Written by Michael Brooke <>

December 27, 2014

Waxwork (1988) Trailer


you can step inside the hall of horrors - but dare you pay the price?

Waxwork is a 1988 American horror comedy film starring Zach Galligan and Deborah Foreman.

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A waxwork museum comes to town, and a mysterious man invites some teens to come to a special showing at midnight. Once inside, while viewing different exhibits, the scenes come alive and the viewer is sucked into the story being portrayed.

December 26, 2014

The Wizard of Speed and Time (1988) Trailer

The Wizard of Speed and Time

His Life Is a Special Effect... 

The Wizard of Speed and Time is a 1989 low-budget feature film written, directed, and starring animator Mike Jittlov, as well as a 1979 16 mm short film, also by Jittlov.

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A Hollywood filmmaker (Mike Jittlov) makes a short for an evil film studio. Unbeknownest to him, the producer has placed a bet of $25,000 that he won't come up with anything with a use. Luckily, our film creator gets the help of his friends.

December 20, 2014

Bloodsport (1988) Trailer


The secret contest where the world's greatest warriors fight in a battle to the death. 

Bloodsport is a 1988 American martial arts film directed by Newt Arnold, and starring Jean-Claude Van DammeRoy ChiaoDonald Gibb and Leah Ayres.

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Frank Dux has spent most his life being trained by Tanaka to participate in the Kumite, the ultimate martial arts tournament, where participants are seriously injured, even killed. Frank decides to go despite being told by his superiors in the army that he can't because they need him. Two army officers are sent to get him and the trail leads to Hong Kong but Frank eludes them. While Frank advances, he knows that he may have to face Chong Li, the defending champion, who has killed a few participants. Written by

Cheerleader Camp (1988) Trailer

Cheerleader Camp

Competition was murder at Cheerleader Camp

Cheerleader Camp (also known as Bloody Pom Poms), is an American slasher film, released in 1988.

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Alison follows her friends to a summer camp for cheerleaders. But she is having bad nightmares. Her boyfriend has followed her to the camp but he seems to be more interested in the other girls, girls who sooner or later are found brutally murdered. Alison starts to believe that she has a split-personality who kills them.Written by Mattias Thuresson

Earth Girls Are Easy (1988) Trailer

Earth Girls Are Easy

 An out-of-this-world, down-to-earth comedy adventure.

Earth Girls Are Easy is a 1988 American musical romantic comedy film directed by Julien Temple and stars Geena DavisJulie BrownJeff GoldblumDamon Wayans, and Jim Carrey.

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Trio of fuzzy (and funny) aliens crash land in Valerie's pool-- putting a decided damper on her future wedding plans to cheating Dr. Ted Gallagher. Action interrupted by musical numbers--an MTV musical comedy. Written by Tim Kretschmann <>

December 17, 2014

Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers (1988) Trailer

Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers

They charge an arm and a leg!

Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers is a 1988 American comedy horror B-movie directed by Fred Olen Ray, and starring Gunnar HansenLinnea Quigley, Jay Richardson and Michelle Bauer.

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Jack Chandler is a private eye tracking down Samantha the runaway. In his travels, he comes across a gang of chainsaw weilding prostitutes that like to carve people up for their cult. Written by Josh Pasnak <>

December 15, 2014

Coming to America (1988) Trailer

Coming to America

 This summer, Prince Akeem discovers America. 

Coming to America is a 1988 American romantic comedy film directed by John Landis, and based on a story originally created by Eddie Murphy, who also starred in the lead role.

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A pampered African prince (Eddie Murphy) wants more out of life than the beautiful woman to whom he's engaged. So, he heads to America to find a mate who will fall for him, not his riches, in this comedy from John Landis. Joined by his trusty sidekick (Arsenio Hall), the prince plunges into a job at a fast-food chain -- and romance with the boss's daughter. Murphy and Hall play a range of colorful characters, thanks to Oscar-nominated makeup wizardry.


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