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January 05, 2015

A Bullet for the General (1966) Trailer

Quién sabe?

A Band of Killers Stalk the Countryside ... LOOTING ... KILLING ... LOVING ... Everything in Sight!

A Bullet for the General (It. Quién sabe?), is a 1966 Italian film which stars Gian Maria VolontéKlaus KinskiLou Castel and Martine Beswick.

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During the height of the Mexican revolution a gang of bandits led by "El Chuncho" (Gian Maria Volonte) are stealing weapons and selling them on to the revolutions leader "General Elias" to aid the cause. During an attack the bandits are making on an armed train, the gang are unexpectedly helped by one of its passengers, the gringo "Bill Tate" (Lou Castel) who kills the driver and stops the train. "Tate" convinces the bandits he is a wanted man facing a death sentence in America. "Chuncho" takes an immediate liking to the young gringo and the gang agree to him joining them. The bandits weapon stealing exploits are greatly improved with the gringo aboard and the friendship between him and "Chuncho" grows. But unknown to the bandits "Bill Tate" has another agenda, one which will take him to the heart of the revolution and "General Elias" himself.


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