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June 26, 2015

Prehysteria! 2 (1994) Trailer

Prehysteria! 2

The oldest party animals are back!

Prehysteria! 2 was the sequel to the first film and was released in 1994.

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A rich boy desperate for attention makes friends with the dinosaurs of "Prehysteria!".

Prehysteria! (1993) Trailer


The Family Movie You've Been Waiting Ages For!

The first film in the series that was released in 1993, Prehysteria! tells the story of Rico Sarno, a museum curator, who enters a forbidden temple in South America, and discovers a nest of five eggs. He steals them and brings them back to his museum. Frank Taylor (Brett Cullen), a farmer, sells fossils to Rico and in a mix up, the Taylor's dog takes a cooler, which has the eggs. The kids, Monica (Samantha Mills) and Jerry (Austin O'Brien) discover the dinosaurs when they hatch and try to keep it a secret, until their father finds out. Vicki (Colleen Morris), a woman who works for Rico, sees the dinosaurs, she tells the Taylors not to give them back to Rico because he will expose them. Rico finds out the Taylors have them and hires two robbers to help him get the dinosaurs back.

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