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February 08, 2015

The Ladykillers (1955) Trailer

The Ladykillers

Meet "The Unholy Five"...The Most Befuddled Set of Assorted Thugs That Ever Fouled Up a Million Dollar Bank Robbery!! 

The Ladykillers is a 1955 British black comedy film made by Ealing Studios. Directed by Alexander Mackendrick, it stars Katie JohnsonAlec GuinnessCecil ParkerHerbert Lom,Peter SellersDanny Green, and Jack Warner.

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December 12, 2014

A Majority of One (1961) Trailer

A Majority of One

The heart-warmingest picture under the rising sun! The happiest pairing of stars in many-a-moon! 

In 1961 Spigelgass adapted his play for a Warner Bros. film starring Rosalind RussellAlec GuinnessMadlyn Rhue and Ray Danton and directed by Mervyn LeRoy.

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A gentle love story about a Japanese businessman and widower, and a Brooklyn widow. But before a happy ending can ensue, they must learn again the lessons of tolerance, kindness and forgiveness.


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