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February 25, 2015

The Ages of Lulu (1990) Trailer

 Las edades de Lulú

The Ages of Lulu (Spanish: Las edades de Lulú) is a 1990 Spanish film, directed by Bigas Luna, starring Francesca Neri.

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When virginal teen Lulu (Francesca Neri, Live Flesh) develops a crush on her brother's friend Pablo (Oscar Ladoire) she begins a carnal odyssey that will take her beyond the realm of pleasure and push her to the threshold of pain. Introduced to the joy of unadulterated sex Lulu's acceptance becomes her obsession - experimenting with all manner of possibilities - taking up every erotic opportunity, leaving no stone unturned.
But as her journey delves into the sordid shadows of S&M, Lulu reaches a point of no return where her obsession makes way for addiction.The Ages of Lulu is a personal and highly provocative portrait of sexuality in the scorching tradition of Betty Blue and also features Oscar® winning actor Javier Bardem in his startling motion picture debut.


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