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February 02, 2015

Boulevard (1994) Trailer


On the boulevard survival is the rule

Boulevard is a 1994 crime thriller film starring Rae Dawn ChongKari Wührer and Lou Diamond Phillips.

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The film is about a woman named Jennefer (played by Kari Wührer) who runs from her abusive husband, gives her baby up for adoption and ends up on the streets during a grim and cold winter in Toronto. She's taken in by a prostitute named Ola (played by Rae Dawn Chong). Ola sees her pimp Hassan (Lou Diamond Phillips) murder another prostitute but refuses to testify against him, knowing that Hassan has associates that will kill her. A police officer named McClaren (Lance Henriksen) attempts to interrogate her and she is deported. Jennefer then becomes a prostitute under Hassan and later confronts her husband who tracks her down with the intent on killing her.


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