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December 27, 2014

Are You for Great Sex? (2010) Trailer

Are You for Great Sex?

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Are You For Great Sex? is a boundary-pushing, raw, and sophisticated sexual love story told from a uniquely fresh, woman's point of view. Directed by Cynthia Hsiung, and based on a true story, the movie wrestles with a central question: What is the meaning of great sex? Is it just a primal instinctual act? Or is there something deeper that a great sexual connection tells us about ourselves? There's great sex, and then there's unforgettable sex. That's what Thea and Mateas have had for more than a decade. Both New Yorkers in consuming professions, they consider their relationship to be "just" sexual and live out their separate lives. Over the years of this on-again-off-again, modern-epic romance, Thea copes with an unhappy marriage, a mother with Alzheimer's disease, and the pressure of her fertility clock. Mateas pursues a demanding career as a world-traveling consultant, and lives with its attendant emotional isolation while taking financial care of his ailing father. What remains ... Written by Jeanie Pyun


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