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March 03, 2016

The Dark House (2009) Trailer

Dom zly

 Truth? There is no such thing.

The Dark House (Polish: Dom zły) is a 2009 Polish horror/drama film directed by Wojciech Smarzowski.

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One rainy night, Edward SRODON (Arkadiusz Jakubik) occurs accidentally in the house of marriage Dziabas (Kinga Preis and Marian Dziedziel). Initial distrust gives way to host the traditional Polish hospitality. The newcomer does not even think how much this meeting will change his life. After several years, in the same house investigative team begins an investigation. The threshold again becomes Edward SRODON. This time his visit was not accidental - to help in the reconstruction of mysterious events four years ago. Investigators Lieutenant Mroz (Bartlomiej Topa) discovers that the puzzle can be dangerous not only for the suspect. Begins with a dramatic race against time. Lieutenant will be drawn into a dangerous game, which is the rate of discovery of a terrifying truth, the disclosure of which is not all it depends. Right? There is no such right...


January 30, 2015

Traffic Department (2013) Trailer


Traffic Department (PolishDrogówka) is a 2013 Polish crime film directed by Wojciech Smarzowski.

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Seven friends, officers of the Warsaw's traffic police department, work together, party together, together they play jokes, cut small deals and sport fast cars. Their small world gets rocked when one of them is found murdered. Sargent Król becomes a chief suspect in the case.

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