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February 02, 2015

Moskva-Kassiopeya (1974)


Moscow-Cassiopeia (RussianМосква — Кассиопея) is a Soviet 1973 film directed by Richard Viktorov based on a script by Isai Kuznetsov and Avenir Zak.

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From the depths of the universe Earth can hear the radio signals of intelligent beings from a planet of the star system Shedar (Alpha Cassiopeia constellation). A project is set up, proposed by the young inventor Vitya Sereda, to send a spaceship to reach the planet - but the flight will last for decades, so the crew of the spaceship "Dawn " (Starship relativistic nuclear annihilation), is to be recruited from teenage students.The project is all carefully thought out but student Fyodor Lobanov stows away aboard the starship and unwittingly causes it to transcend the speed of light and so reaching its target 27 years ahead of schedule...


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