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January 24, 2015

Indiscreet (1931)


Through one indiscretion--a woman with a future became a woman with a past

Indiscreet (1931) is an American comedy film directed by Leo McCarey and starring Gloria Swanson and Ben Lyon

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The plot of the United Artists release centers on fashion designer Geraldine Trent (Swanson), who takes up with novelist Tony Blake (Lyon) after leaving her former beau Jim Woodward because of his many indiscretions with other women. Tony has indicated he has no interest in dating a woman with a past, so Geraldine remains mum about her affair with Jim, until her younger sister Joan arrives and announces she's engaged—to Jim. Madcap complications ensue as Geraldine tries to keep her secret from Tony while convincing her sister to rid herself of her womanizing fiancé in favor of simple country boy Buster Collins.


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