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February 05, 2015

Big Nothing (2006) Trailer

Big Nothing

A comedy that gets away with murder.

Big Nothing is a 2006 British crime black comedy film directed by Jean-Baptiste Andrea starring David Schwimmer and Simon Pegg.

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Charlie is an ex-teacher turned reluctant call-center employee who gets fired on the first day. Distraught and unable to provide for his family, he partners up with Gus, an aspiring scam artist, on a seemingly snag-free plan to make some cash: blackmail Reverend Smalls, a man of the cloth, who has frequently turned up in a database of visitors to illegal adult websites. With the help of Gus' ex, a one-time pageant queen, the plan moves ahead... but it all goes wrong as Reverend Smalls dies, thanks to this trio. And that's just the beginning of their troubles...


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