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November 24, 2016

Incarnate (2016) Trailer


Incarnate is 2016 American supernatural horror film directed by Brad Peyton.

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A scientist with the ability to enter the subconscious minds of the possessed must save a young boy from the grips of a demon with powers never seen before, while facing the horrors of his past.

December 14, 2014

San Andreas (2015) Trailer

San Andreas

 A rescue pilot survived an earthquake, this is what happens next

San Andreas is an upcoming American action-adventure disaster film directed by Brad Peyton and written by Allan LoebCarlton CuseCarey Hayes and Chad Hayes, based on the original script by Jeremy Passmore and Andre Fabrizio. 

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After the infamous San Andreas Fault finally gives, triggering a magnitude 9 earthquake in California, a search and rescue helicopter pilot (Dwayne Johnson) and his estranged wife make their way together from Los Angeles to San Francisco to save their only daughter.


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