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February 06, 2015

My Uncle Antoine (1971) Trailer

Mon oncle Antoine

Mon oncle Antoine is a 1971 National Film Board of Canada (Office national du film du CanadaFrench language drama film.

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The film examines life in the Maurice Duplessis-era Asbestos Region of rural Québec prior to the Asbestos Strike of 1949. Set at Christmas time, the story is told from the point of view of a 15-year-old boy (Benoît, played by Jacques Gagnoncoming of age in a mining town. The Asbestos Strike is regarded by Québec historians as a seminal event in the years prior to the Quiet Revolution. Jutra's film is an examination of the social conditions in Québec's old, agrarian, conservative and cleric-dominated society on the eve of the social and political changes that transformed the province a decade later.


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