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January 05, 2015

Companeros (1970) Trailer

Vamos a matar, compañeros

 Fate brought them together. Greed made them inseparable, and violence made them Companeros!

Compañeros (original release title: Vamos a matar, compañeros) is a Zapata Western directed by Sergio Corbucci in 1970. The film, an Italian-Spanish co-production, stars Franco NeroTomas MilianJack Palance and Fernando Rey.

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Arms dealer Yolaf Peterson aims to make a sale to guerilla Mongo, but the money is locked in a bank safe, the combination known only to Professor Xantos, a prisoner of the Americans. Yolaf agrees to free Xantos, accompanied by reluctant guerilla Basco, but a former business partner of Yolaf's- John 'The Wooden Hand', has other ideas.Written by Tom Seldon <>


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