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November 19, 2014

Croupier (1998) Trailer


 Life's a Gamble

Croupier is a 1998 film starring Clive Owen as a croupier, and was directed by Mike Hodges.

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It's tempting to put too much weight on the way screenwriter Paul Mayersberg lays out the intricate rules, shows off the particular lingo, and creates a feeling of being a fly on the wall of a casino in London. With Jack Manfred (Clive Owen)--sometimes "Jake" when he imagines himself as the protagonist of the novel he's writing, but always the pragmatist--as our guide, Croupier is always digging deeper into the shady world of professional gambling, even as its story flounders with double-crosses and backstabs and stretches to tie it to a lofty theme of chance.


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