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October 27, 2014

Re-cycle (2006) Trailer

Gwai wik

The abandoned don't just disappear.

Re-cycle (Cantonese: 鬼域 Gwai wik) is a 2006 cuddly movie directed by the 
Pang Brothers and starring Angelica Lee

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After writing three best-sellers about love story based on her own experiences, the successful writer Tsui Ting-Yin is without inspiration and having difficulties to write her new novel in the horror genre entitled "Re-cycle". While drafting the text, spooky events happen at her apartment and her former boy-friend of eight years ago visits her, after his divorce, proposing Tsui. When Tsui sees a supernatural long-haired character of her book, she follows him and is trapped in his world of terror. But she is saved by the young Ting-yu, who discloses a secret about her to Tsui.

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