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June 02, 2015

Nothing to Declare (2010) Trailer

Rien à déclarer

Nothing to Declare (French: Rien à déclarer) is a 2010 French comedy film, written and directed by Dany Boon.

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January 1, 1993, Europe opens its borders. Two customs officers, one Belgian, the other French, learn of the imminent disappearance of their border crossing situated in Courquain (France) and Koorkin (Belgian). French-speakers from father to son and far too zealous at his job, Belgian Ruben Vandevoorde is forced to inaugurate the first French-Belgian mobile brigade. His French colleague, Mathias Ducatel, considered by Ruben as his sworn enemy, is secretly in love with Ruben's sister. He surprises everyone by accepting to become Vandevoorde's team-mate and to patrol the country boarder roads with him in a powerfully small, cramped, international customs vehicle.

October 29, 2014

Micmacs (2009) Trailer

Micmacs à tire-larigot

Micmacs is a 2009 French comedy film by French director Jean-Pierre Jeunet

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Avid movie-watcher and video store clerk Bazil has had his life all but ruined by weapons of war. His father was killed by a landmine in Morocco and one fateful night a stray bullet from a nearby shootout embeds itself in his skull, leaving him on the verge of instantaneous death. Losing his job and his home, Bazil wanders the streets until he meets Slammer, a pardoned convict who introduces him to a band of eccentric junkyard dealers including Calculator, a math expert and statistician, Buster, a record-holder in human cannonball feats, Tiny Pete, an artistic craftsman of automatons, and Elastic Girl, a sassy contortionist. When chance reveals to Bazil the two weapons manufacturers responsible for building the instruments of his destruction, he constructs a complex scheme for revenge that his newfound family is all too happy to help set in motion. 
Written by The Massie Twins


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