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January 14, 2015

Curveball (2011) Trailer


Sometimes life throws you one...

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James has recovered from drug and alcohol abuse and wants to propose to his girlfriend Sara, however his best friend, Lyle, helps him discover that Sara has been unfaithful. Desperate he tries several different approaches to solve the problem, however each attempt only worsens the situation.

December 21, 2014

Reality TV Movie (2014) Trailer

Reality TV Movie

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In an era where Reality TV shows dominate the networks, Bergie Barnsworth takes a long shot at the biggest reality tv show of his time - "Chance of Your Life!". Despite his two left feet, he starts to win the audience over with his determination and vow to perform the most dangerous dance move that coincidentally killed his parents. His unprecedented popularity threatens fellow competitor, Maximus, who schemes to eliminate Bergie from the show at every turn. As competition escalates, so does the satire of reality TV moments and personalities! An outrageously funny, yet heart-warming parody of Reality TV shows… yes, it's about time!


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