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November 03, 2014

The Sapphires (2012) Trailer

The Sapphires

One ambitious manager. Four unknown singers. The tour that put them on
 the charts wasn't even on a map.

The Sapphires is a 2012 Australian musical comedy-drama film produced by Goalpost Pictures and distributed by Hopscotch Films, based on the 2004 stage play of the same name which is loosely based on a true story.

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Inspired by a true story and based on the successful Australian stage musical, The Sapphires follows four vivacious, young and talented Australian Aboriginal girls from a remote mission, as they learn about love, friendship and war when their all girl group, The Sapphires entertain the U.S. troops in Vietnam in 1968. Gail (Deborah Mailman), Julie (Jessica Mauboy) Cynthia (Miranda Tapsell) and Kay (Shari Sebbens) are discovered by Dave (Chris O'Dowd), a good-humored talent scout with a kind heart, very little rhythm, but a great knowledge of Soul Music. As their manager, Dave books the group their first true gig giving them their first taste of stardom, as they travel to Vietnam to sing for the American troops. On this very tour the girls sing up a storm, dodge bullets... and fall in love.


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