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February 16, 2015

Breaking the Mould (2009) Trailer

Breaking the Mould

The Story of Penicillin

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September 1943. Portland House, England. A meeting of scientists, government officials and pharmaceutical companies come to an agreement that will transform medicine forever: a new life saving drug, penicillin, is to be manufactured. As the attendees step out into the street, the crowded ranks of photographers and journalists converge on Alexander Fleming (Denis Lawson, Star Wars); eager for a quote from the hero of the hour, the man they believe discovered penicillin. As Fleming talks, another scientist, Howard Florey (Dominic West, The Wire), stands unnoticed in the background. Breaking the Mould tells the story behind the discovery of penicillin and the forgotten people involved. A revealing, poignant and witty character driven account of a scientific miracle.


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