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October 25, 2014

Devil's Playground (2002) Trailer

Devil's Playground

Which path will they choose?

Devil's Playground is a 2002 American documentary film directed by Lucy Walker about the experiences of several Amish youths who decide whether to remain in or leave their community and faith during the period known as rumspringa ("running around" in Pennsylvania Dutch).

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On the day of their sixteenth birthdays, every Amish child is given free reign to explore all the conveniences and temptations of life in the outside "English" world, during a crucial period in their lives known as Rumspringa. In an unprecedented documentary, DEVIL'S PLAYGROUND offers an unflinching look at the effects of this culture shock on such previously guileless Amish teens.
Once exposed to modern technologies like cars and cable television-along with rock concerts and keg parties-these teenagers' choice is both simple and profoundly difficult. DO they embrace the constraints of the Amish religion and rejoin the church, or do they turn away from their families and community to live on their own in our "modern" society?


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