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December 18, 2015

Eddie the Eagle (2016) Trailer

Eddie the Eagle

The hysterical true life story of Britain's most famous ski jumper Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards and his journey to Olympic fame.

Eddie the Eagle is British-American-German sports comedy drama film directed by Dexter Fletcher and produced by Matthew Vaughn, Adam Bohling, David Reid, Rupert Maconick and Valerie Van Galder.

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The story of Great Britain's first ski jumper to enter the Winter Olympics.


September 04, 2015

The Coven (2015) Trailer

The Coven

Playtime Is Over

The Coven is a 2015 United Kingdom fantasy horror feature film directed by John Mackie (director) and starring Dexter Fletcher.

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Captivated by their teachers stories of a clearing within the nearby Queen’s Wood and of thirteen ancient Oak trees officially known as ‘The Coven’, where seven people vanished on the night of Halloween some years before, 5 teenage school girls plan a secret sleep-over in the woods on the same eerie night. 
In the Coven they discover the name “LUCIFER” freshly scrawled on the ground and in an act of bravado one of the girls chalks their names under each matching initial. She leaves two spare letters: L and E., and then the nightmare begins……


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