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October 23, 2014

Unknown (2011) Trailer


Take back your life.

Unknown is a 2011 British-German-French psychological thriller film directed by Jaume Collet-Serra, starring Liam NeesonDiane KrugerJanuary JonesAidan QuinnBruno Ganz, and Frank Langella.

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A man awakens from a coma, only to discover that someone has taken on his identity and that no one, (not even his wife), believes him. With the help of a young woman, he sets out to prove who he is.

October 19, 2014

Mr. Nobody (2009) Trailer

Mr. Nobody

 Nothing is real, everything is possible.

Mr. Nobody is a 2009 science fiction drama film. It was written and directed by Jaco Van Dormael, produced by Philippe Godeau, and starred Jared LetoSarah PolleyDiane KrugerLinh Dan PhamRhys IfansNatasha LittleToby Regbo and Juno Temple.

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Nemo Nobody leads an ordinary existence at his wife's side, Elise, and their 3 children until the day when reality skids and he wakes up as an old man in the year 2092. At 120, Mr. Nobody is both the oldest man in the world and the last mortal of a new mankind where nobody dies anymore. But that doesn't seem to interest or bother him very much. The only questions that preoccupy him in the present is whether he lived the right life for himself, loved the woman whom he was supposed to love, and had the children whom he was meant to have... now his purpose is to find the right answer.

October 18, 2014

The Better Angels (2014) Trailer

The Better Angels

The Better Angels is a 2014 American biographical drama-historical film about the formative 
years of United States President Abraham Lincoln directed by A. J. Edwards.

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The story of Abraham Lincoln's childhood in the harsh wilderness of Indiana and the
hardships that shaped him, the tragedy that marked him for ever and the two women
 who guided him to immortality.

October 15, 2013

National Treasure (2004) Trailer

National Treasure

In order to break the code, one man will have to break all the rules.

National Treasure is a 2004 American adventure/heist film produced and released by Walt Disney Pictures.

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Obsessed since childhood with finding the legendary Knights Templar treasure, Benjamin Franklin Gates (Cage) tries to decipher ancient riddles that will lead him to it. Now, in a race against time, Gates discovers he must steal the Declaration of Independence to prevent this landmark document--and a key clue to the mysterious treasure--from falling into the hands of a ruthless enemy! Hang on tight and plunge headlong into heart-pounding chases and explosive special effects presented in the jaw-dropping clarity of high definition with spectacularly enhanced audio quality.


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