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November 26, 2014

Goose Feather (2004) Trailer

Jesen stiže, dunjo moja

Goose Feather (SerbianJesen stiže, Dunjo moja) is a 2004 Serbian film directed by Ljubiša Samardžić.

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Vaguely based on a song By Djordje Balasevic called "Prica o Vasi Ladackom" (the story of Vasa Ladacki). The story is about a very poor boy that wanted abundance and wealth because he basically didn't own anything. He was in love with an equally poor girl that his father wouldn't accept. He moves to another village and starts drinking...Written by Golub (Glumac opste prakse - VK)

October 26, 2014

The Enemy (2011) Trailer


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Story begins couple of days after the war has ended. A group of soldiers in charge of
 clearing the fields from mines discovers a man sealed inside a factory's basement.
 Mysterious man says he is 'ours', he doesn't feel cold, isn't hungry and only asks for
 cigarettes. As soon as he is brought along, people start disappearing, and the
 infighting begins. Who is the mystery man? 
Written by govmust


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