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August 07, 2016

Little Men (2016) Trailer

Little Men 

Be on each other's side.

Little Men is a 2016 American drama film directed by Ira Sachs.

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A new pair of best friends have their bond tested by their parents' battle over a dress shop lease.

March 02, 2015

The Last Song (2010) Trailer

The Last Song

A Story about Family, First Loves, Second Chances and the Moments of Life That Lead You Back Home.

The Last Song is a 2010 American coming of age teen romantic drama film developed alongside Nicholas Sparks' novel by the same name. 

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February 13, 2015

As Good as It Gets (1997) Trailer

As Good as It Gets

A comedy from the heart that goes for the throat.

As Good as It Gets is a 1997 American romantic comedy film directed by James L. Brooks and produced by Laura Ziskin. 

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A dysfunctional writer's world is forever changed by a waitress with a sick child, an artist neighbor and an ugly but endearing little dog. 

January 11, 2015

Green Zone (2010) Trailer

Green Zone

Chief Warrant Officer Roy Miller is done following orders

Green Zone is a 2010 British-French-American war thriller film directed by Paul Greengrass

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Discovering covert and faulty intelligence causes a U.S. Army officer (Damon) to go rogue as he hunts for Weapons on Mass Destruction in an unstable region.

October 23, 2014

Unknown (2006) Trailer


Uncover Its Secret

Unknown is a 2006 American crime-thriller film directed by Colombian filmmaker Simon Brand and starring Jim CaviezelGreg KinnearBridget MoynahanJoe Pantoliano and Barry Pepper about a group of men kidnapped and locked in a factory with no memory of how they arrived there. 

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Five men wake up in a locked-down warehouse with no memory of who they are. They are forced to figure out who is good and who is bad to stay alive.


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