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January 16, 2016

Money Monster (2016) Trailer

Money Monster

Money Monster is American drama political thriller film directed by Jodie Foster and written by Alan Di Fiore, Jim Kouf and Jamie Linden.

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In the taut and tense thriller Money Monster, Lee Gates (George Clooney) is a bombastic TV personality whose popular financial network show has made him the money wiz of Wall Street. But after he hawks a high tech stock that mysteriously crashes, an irate investor (Jack O'Connell) takes Gates, his crew, and his ace producer Patty Fenn (Julia Roberts) hostage live on air. Unfolding in real time, Gates and Fenn must find a way to keep themselves alive while simultaneously uncovering the truth behind a tangle of big money lies. Written by Sony Pictures Entertainment


October 15, 2013

National Treasure (2004) Trailer

National Treasure

In order to break the code, one man will have to break all the rules.

National Treasure is a 2004 American adventure/heist film produced and released by Walt Disney Pictures.

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Obsessed since childhood with finding the legendary Knights Templar treasure, Benjamin Franklin Gates (Cage) tries to decipher ancient riddles that will lead him to it. Now, in a race against time, Gates discovers he must steal the Declaration of Independence to prevent this landmark document--and a key clue to the mysterious treasure--from falling into the hands of a ruthless enemy! Hang on tight and plunge headlong into heart-pounding chases and explosive special effects presented in the jaw-dropping clarity of high definition with spectacularly enhanced audio quality.


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