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February 13, 2015

Ella Cinders (1926) Trailer

Ella Cinders

 Coleen as a Kitchen Mechanic who won a chance to act in the movies

Ella Cinders is a 1926 American silent comedy film directed by Alfred E. Green, starring Colleen Moore, produced by her husband John McCormick (1893-1961), and co-starring Moore's most popular co-star, Lloyd Hughes.

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January 24, 2015

Extravagance (1930)



Extravagance is a 1930 American film directed by Phil Rosen and released by Tiffany Pictures.

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"Extravagance" is a 1930 American film directed by Phil Rosen. Alice Kendall is the darling of her social set, the sons and daughters of millionaires, although Alice's mother has impoverished herself to provide Alice with the luxuries she expects as her right. Mom blows what's left of her fortune to provide the best trousseau that money can buy when Alice marries Fred Garlan, and then wishes Fred lots of luck. Now, Alice is trying to coax Fred into buying her a new sable coat---all of her friends are sporting them---while Fred is busily trying to borrow enough money to keep his business afloat. This marriage business certainly isn't working out like living-with-Mom, and Alice just doesn't know how she can be seen if she isn't wearing a new sable coat. But, help is lurking just around the corner in the form of a sleaze-ball named Morrell. He's a stock-broker and he is a bachelor and he enjoys the benefits of married life by making available sable coats to little brides who are in dire need of one and whose husbands can't meet their needs. But the wives can meet Morrell's needs. Soon, Fred is asking lots of snooping questions of his new bride, such as where did you get that new sable coat? Fred has doubts that Alice caught and skinned a sable in their back yard.

October 17, 2014

The Lost World (1925) Trailer

The Lost World

See the mighty prehistoric monsters clash with modern lovers in a most remarkable
 story of love, romance and amazing adventure.

The Lost World is a 1925 silent fantasy adventure film and an adaptation of 

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The first film adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's classic novel about a land where 
prehistoric creatures still roam.


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