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September 17, 2015

The Scarlet Car (1917)

The Scarlet Car

The Scarlet Car is a 1917 American silent drama film directed by Joe De Grasse and featuring Lon Chaney.

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A bank clerk is accused of stealing a large amount of funds. While he hides out, he goes a bit mad thinking he is his famous ancestor, due to a bump on the head. Will the real theives get away with it.

November 09, 2014

The Monster (1925) Clip

The Monster

The Monster is a 1925 silent comedy horror directed by Roland West, based on the play by Crane Wilbur, and starring Lon Chaney and Johnny Arthur, and is remembered as an antecedental Old Dark House movie, as well as a precedent to many subgenre of horror films.

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A general store clerk and aspiring detective investigates a mysterious disappearance that took place quite close to an empty insane asylum...

November 05, 2014

The Ace of Hearts (1921)

The Ace of Hearts

The Ace of Hearts is a 1921 film produced and directed by Wallace Worsley.

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A romantic rivalry among members of a secret society becomes even tenser when one of the men is assigned to carry out an assassination.

October 03, 2014

The Shock (1923)

The Shock


Lon Chaney as Wilse Dilling

Virginia Valli as Gertrude Hadley
Jack Mower as Jack Cooper
William Welsh as Micha Hadley
Henry A. Barrows as John Cooper, Sr.
Christine Mayo as Ann Cardington, AKA "Queen Anne"
Harry De Vere as Olaf Wismer
John Beck as Bill
Walter Long as The Captain
Bob Kortman as Henchman
Directed by Lambert Hillyer

The Shock is a 1923 film directed by Lambert Hillyer and starring Lon Chaney as a cripple named
 Wilse Dilling. A gang of blackmailers send Wilse Dilling to catch a corrupt bank official. However,
 when Dilling arrives he meets and falls in love with the bank manager's daughter.

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