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July 23, 2015

Rare Birds (2001) Trailer

Rare Birds

Fortune can make a man do some pretty fowl things.

Rare Birds is a 2001 Canadian comedy/drama film. It was directed by Sturla Gunnarsson and written by Edward Riche based on his novel. 

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A down-and-out restaurateur and his neighbor hatch a plan to lure luminaries to their small Newfoundland town.

March 22, 2015

The Doctor (1991) Trailer

The Doctor

An Uplifting Story About Finding New Meaning In Life.

The Doctor is a 1991 drama film directed by Randa Haines.

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An uplifting story of a man who becomes an extraordinary surgeon, as well as an extraordinary person, once he experiences firsthand what it's like being an ordinary patient. Touching hearts of critics and audiences alike, THE DOCTOR promises to entertain and inspire you from beginning to end.

February 16, 2015

The Challenger (2013) Trailer

The Challenger

The Challenger (US title: The Challenger Disaster) is a 2013 TV movie starring William Hurt about Richard Feynman's investigation into the Challenger Space Shuttle disaster of 1986.

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December 14, 2014

I Love You to Death (1990) Trailer

I Love You to Death

 With These People Trying To Kill Him, Joey Boca May Just Live Forever

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Joey works with Rosalie in their pizza parlor. She is convinced that he works all of the time for them and her world dissolves when she finds that he has been fooling around for years. Being Catholic, divorce is out of the question, so she and her mother and her best friend decide to kill him. Hopelessly incompetent as killers, they hire incompetent professionals as they beat, poison, and shoot Joey who remains oblivious to their attempts.Written by John Vogel <>

The Accidental Tourist (1988) Trailer

The Accidental Tourist

The Accidental Tourist is a 1988 American drama film starring William HurtKathleen Turner, and Geena Davis.

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After the death of his son, Macon Leary, a travel writer, seems to be sleep walking through life. Macon's wife, seems to be having trouble too, and thinks it would be best if the two would just split up. After the break up, Macon meets a strange outgoing woman, who seems to bring him back down to earth. After starting a relationship with the outgoing woman, Macon's wife seems to think that their marriage is still worth a try. Macon is then forced to deal many decisions Written by Justin Sharp <>

October 18, 2014

Michael (1996) Trailer


He's an angel... Not a saint.

Michael is a 1996 American fantasy film directed by Nora Ephron.

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Two tabloid reporters checking out a report of the Archangel Michael living with an old woman find that it's true. But that's not the only surprise.


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