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July 10, 2015

Killer Babes (2007) Trailer


 No body is perfect

Moordwijven (Murdering Babes) is a 2007 black comedy about millionaire wives who get revenge on their cheating husbands by having them killed.

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A black comedy. When three wealthy women hire a hit man to get rid of one of their cheating husbands, everything goes wrong.

July 04, 2015

The Two Jakes (1990) Trailer

The Two Jakes

They say money makes the world go round. But sex was invented before money.

The Two Jakes is a 1990 American neo-noir mystery film, and the sequel to the 1974 film Chinatown.

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The sequel to Chinatown (1974) finds Jake Gittes investigating adultery and murder... and the money that comes from oil.

January 14, 2015

The Bigamist (1953) Trailer

The Bigamist

Wanted by two women!

The Bigamist is a 1953 film noir directed by and starring Ida Lupino.

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Harry and Eve Graham want to adopt a child. Mr. Jordan, the adoption agent investigates them, discovering that Harry has a second wife, Phyllis. When Mr. Jordan is about to call the police, Harry explains to him how he got involved with his second wife, and how he got to be in the trouble that he is in.

January 10, 2015

Fear in the Night (1972) Trailer

Fear in the Night

Fear in the Night is a 1972 British psychological horror film, directed by Jimmy Sangster and produced by Hammer Film Productions

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It took Penny Heller a long time to recover from the trauma of a brutal physical assault, suffered in her youth. When she married Robert, he provided her with the love and reassurance she craved for and the two settled down in a pretty house in the grounds of the public school where Robert was a master. But the headmaster of the school is not what he seems and Penny is convinced he means to harm her... is her fear a figment of her tortured imagination or are there forces at work that intend to manipulate her anxieties with fatal consequences? 

September 26, 2014

Faithless (2000) Trailer


This is one of the last scripts Bergman ever wrote.

Marianne is a theatre actress married to an orchestra conductor, Markus. She becomes involved in an affair with their director friend, David, which leads to a painful divorce and battle for custody of their daughter, Isabelle. Although all of them are merely fictional characters created by Bergman, their experiences
 become very real and traumatic for him. 
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