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July 16, 2016

Lights Out (2016) Trailer

Lights Out

You were right to be afraid of the dark.

Lights Out is a 2016 American supernatural horror film directed by David F. Sandberg in his major directorial debut and written by Eric Heisserer, based on Sandberg's 2013 short film of the same name.

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A woman is haunted by a creature that only appears when the lights go out. A feature adaptation of the 2013 short film, "Lights Out" by David Sandberg.


August 16, 2015

In Stereo (2015) Trailer

In Stereo

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David and Brenda are perfect for each other, and everyone knows it except David and Brenda. After a break-up, they each experience their own rough patch. For David, a self-destructive artistic endeavor and a relationship with an immature beauty—for Brenda, a failing acting career, an eviction notice, and a boyfriend who just doesn’t do it for her. A chance encounter brings them together on the streets of New York at a particularly bad time. David invites Brenda to the opening of his first photography exhibit and the stage is set for a night of drinking and flirting which leads to an untraditional proposal of how they can be together without getting back together. A sharply observed, un-romantic comedy by writer/director Mel Rodriguez III, IN STEREO is a stylish and striking first feature that offers an unflinching look at the complexity of modern relationships.

March 31, 2015

When a Stranger Calls (1979) Trailer

When a Stranger Calls

...Fear is the Message!

When a Stranger Calls is a 1979 psychological horror film.

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A psychopathic killer terrorizes a babysitter, then returns seven years later to menace her again.

March 20, 2015

Pixels (2015) Trailer


It's time to save the World

Pixels is 2015 American 3D science fiction action comedy film produced by Columbia Pictures, 1492 Pictures and Happy Madison Productions.

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This summer, it's game on or game over! When aliens misinterpret video feeds of classic arcade games as a declaration of war, they attack the Earth in the form of the video games. Watch as the arcaders.

June 26, 2014

Short Term 12 (2013) Trailer

Short Term 12

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SHORT TERM 12 is told through the eyes of Grace (Brie Larson, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, 21 Jump Street), a twenty-something supervisor at a group home for troubled teens. She s passionate, tough and in love with her long-term boyfriend and co-worker, Mason (John Gallagher Jr., The Newsroom). But Grace s difficult past, her fierce independence and the arrival of a distraught new girl at the facility create complications that push Grace and Mason to the brink. In this unique love story the couple comes to embrace a surprising future together, discovering truth and humor in unexpected places.


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