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August 04, 2015

Thale (2012) Trailer


In a cellar, dark and deep, I lay my dearest down to sleep; A secret they would like to keep.

Thale is a 2012 Norwegian supernatural horror film directed and written by Aleksander L. Nordaas.

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July 27, 2015

Grabbers (2012) Trailer


Take your best shot.

Grabbers is a 2012 Irish-British monster film directed by Jon Wright and written by Kevin Lehane. 

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When an island off the coast of Ireland is invaded by bloodsucking aliens, the heroes discover that getting drunk is the only way to survive.

July 14, 2015

Summer Coda (2010)Trailer

Summer Coda

Closure is just the beginning.

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Hitchhiking home to a family she's never known, Heidi meets Michael. In the stunning orange groves of country Australia, they embark on an adventure, discovering their secrets and lives may be better shared.

May 13, 2015

Memory Lane (2012) Trailer

Memory Lane

 Some die to forget. He dies to remember.

Memory Lane is a 2012 science-fiction film by American director Shawn Holmes and his directorial debut.

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An orphaned war-veteran routinely travels between our world and the afterlife in search of his fiance's killer by stopping and starting his own heart.

May 09, 2015

Hungry Hearts (2014) Trailer

Hungry Hearts

Hungry Hearts is a 2014 Italian drama film directed by Saverio Costanzo.

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The relationship of a couple who meet by chance in New York City is put to the test when they encounter a life or death circumstance.

March 30, 2015

Come Undone (2010) Trailer

Cosa voglio di più

Come Undone (Italian: Cosa voglio di più) is a 2010 film directed by Italian director Silvio Soldini.

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While on a family vacation at the French seaside, brooding 18-year-old Mathieu (Jeremie Elkaim) meets Cédric (Stephane Rideau), an attractive carefree boy his own age, and is swept away by the first stirrings of homosexual passion. Within a narrative that shifts between past and present, we witness their awkward, halting admissions of attraction and eventual submission to desire. All the while, Mathieu copes with his mother's crushing depression.

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