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February 02, 2016

Circle of Iron (1978) Trailer

Circle of Iron 

Bruce Lee's spirit lives in ... Circle of Iron

Circle of Iron is a 1978 martial arts and fantasy film co-written by Bruce Lee, who intended to star in the film himself, but died before production.

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The Adventure Epic Written By Bruce Lee - His Dream Project He Would Never Live To See! 
At the height of his international fame, the legendary Bruce Lee - along with his friend and student James Coburn and Oscar -winning screenwriter Stirling Silliphant - began to write what he believed would be the greatest achievement of his film career. Five years after his mysterious death, Lee?s vision would finally be realized. David Carradine (KILL BILL), Christopher Lee (THE LORD OF THE RINGS), Roddy McDowall (PLANET OF THE APES) and Eli Wallach (THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE UGLY) star in this acclaimed cult hit that brings Lee's personal philosophy to the screen with a still-potent combination of mysticism, humor and martial arts mayhem. 


October 04, 2014

A Buddha (2005) Trailer

Un Buda

a journey of discovery, with love

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Tomas , torn apart by the disappearance of his father by the military in Argentina's Dirty War, can't find his
 place in the world so he distances himself from his familiar surroundings and takes refuge in Buddhist
 doctrines that his father practiced. His loss and disillusionment lead him to withdraw within himself 
and into ascetic spiritual practices. He travels to a Zen temple in search of a spiritual master in the 
mountains of Capilla del Monte, Córdoba, Argentiina. His brother, a philosophy professor at the 
University of Buenos Aires, and his girlfriend, a young actress, are his companions on this journey.
 Un Buda, directed by Rafecas, filmmaker and Zen master, is an original treatment of opposing 
concepts such as the earthly and the divine, rationalism and mysticism, and the point of
 contact between East and West in the quest for one's identity.

Zen (2009) Trailer


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'Zen' Buddhist teacher Dogen Zenji is a very important religious person during the 
Kamakura period, 750 years ago. After his mother died, he decides to move to
China and settle as a Buddhist teacher. One bright morning, enlightened, Zenji 
returns to Japan as a devoted evangelist of the 'new' Buddhism. However, 
this new form of Buddhism is not accepted in all communities.
 Written by Rene Guillot


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