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September 09, 2016

Hillsong: Let Hope Rise (2016) Trailer

Hillsong: Let Hope Rise

It's all about Him

Hillsong: Let Hope Rise is 2016 Christian documentary film on Hillsong United.

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HILLSONG – LET HOPE RISE chronicles the spectacular and unlikely rise to prominence of the Australia-based Christian band, Hillsong UNITED. Directed by Michael John Warren, the film follows the band as they labor to record their next album and explores the history of Hillsong, a 30-year journey from a tiny church in the Sydney suburbs to a vibrant international ministry. The movie culminates in a transformational concert experience spotlighting the humble hearts behind this worldwide sensation.

April 10, 2015

Catastasis (2015) Trailer


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A mysterious caller holds a pastor hostage in his own home, forcing him to practice what he preaches.

January 31, 2015

The Physician (2013) Trailer

Der Medicus

 A journey out of darkness into light

The Physician (GermanDer Medicus) is a 2013 German adventure film based on the novel of the same name by Noah Gordon.

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When nine-year-old Rob Cole felt the life force slipping from his mother's hand he could not foresee that this terrifying awareness of impending death was a gift that would lead him from the familiar life of 11th-century London to small villages throughout England and finally to the medical school at Ispahan. Though apprenticed to an itinerant barber surgeon, it is the dazzling surgery of a Jewish physician trained by the legendary Persian physician Avicenna that inspires him to accept his gift and to commit his life to healing by studying at Avicenna's school. Despite the ban on Christian students, Rob goes there, disguising himself as a Jew to gain admission. Gordon has written an adventurous and inspiring tale of a quest for medical knowledge pursued in a violent world full of superstition and prejudice.Written by Literary Guild alternate

January 22, 2015

Drunktown's Finest (2014) Trailer

Drunktown's Finest

Drunktown's Finest is an American drama film directed by Sydney Freeland.

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Three young Native Americans- an adopted Christian girl, a rebellious father-to-be, and a promiscuous transsexual, strive to escape the hardships of life on an Indian reservation.

November 03, 2014

The Encounter (2010) Trailer

The Encounter

The Encounter, is a Christian film released in 2010. 

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Five strangers are forced to reexamine their life choices after finding themselves stranded at a mysterious, isolated diner with a man who somehow has all of the answers to their most pressing problems. From the callous businessman (Steve "Sting" Borden) to the unhappily married couple, the desperate runaway, and the solitary woman, each of these lost souls faces an existential dilemma that has thrown their lives into chaos. But the proprietor of the restaurant, a man named Nazerine (Bruce Marchiano), possesses the secret to freeing them all from an eternity of suffering, if they could only see outside of themselves long enough to understand just what's at stake.

November 02, 2014

Quo Vadis? (1912)

Quo Vadis

 The wonderful Kleine-Cines photo-drama

Quo Vadis? is a 1912 film directed by Enrico Guazzoni, based on the 1896 novel of the same name. 

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The story is set during the early years of rule by the emperor Nero. He is an ambitious man obsessed with gaining absolute power. His soldier falls in love with a young Christian slave named Lycia, but their love is hindered by Nero, who hates Christianity and unleashes his officers to burn Rome, pinning the blame on the Christians. In addition, the cruel Nero kidnaps the pair and sends them into an arena to fight lions.


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