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April 07, 2015

Black Emanuelle (1975) Scene

Emanuelle nera

No one is ever the same after Black Emanuelle.

Black Emanuelle (Italian: Emanuelle nera) is an Italian-Spanish softcore sexploitation film from 1975 directed by Bitto Albertini. 

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In her first onscreen adventure, journalist/photographer Mae Jordan (known to her readers as "Emanuelle") travels to Africa on assignment. Questions of her own racial and sexual identity come to a head as she observes the troubled marriage of her hosts, Ann and Gianni Danieli. Matters are complicated further when Emanuelle finds herself in affairs with both of them, after which she flees Africa, only to be persued by Gianni, who had earlier rejected her and ridiculed her advances. Written by Jonathan Ruskin <>

November 15, 2014

The Ungodly (2007) Trailer

The Perfect Witness

 Be careful when chasing monsters you don't become one ...

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When a struggling filmmaker, Mickey Gravatski (Wes Bentley, "American Beauty"), stumbles upon a diabolical serial killer carrying out another of his unspeakable crimes, he turns to blackmail, using footage of this madman in a disturbing new film project. What follows is a nerve-shredding psychological game of cat and mouse between the filmmaker and his dangerous new subject. To save himself, Mickey must confront the darkest side of not only the killer's nature, but his own.


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