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February 15, 2015

The Crusades (1935) Scene

The Crusades

You need ten eyes to see..ten ears to hear...ten hearts to feel...the tumultuous surge and glory of this mighty sepctacle, this shining impassioned now as when it first awed the world with its perfection!

The Crusades is a 1935 American historical adventure film produced and directed by Cecil B. DeMille, and originally released by Paramount Pictures.

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October 26, 2014

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (1991) Trailer

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

For the good of all men, and the love of one woman, he fought to uphold justice by
 breaking the law 

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves is a 1991 American adventure film directed

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After being captured by Turks during the Crusades, Robin of Locksley and a Moor, Azeem, escape back
 to England where Azeem vows to remain until he repays Robin for saving his life. Meanwhile, Robin's
 father has been murdered by the Sheriff of Nottingham and when Robin returns home he vows to avenge
 his father's death. Even though Marian, his childhood friend, cannot help him, he escapes to the Forest
 of Sherwood where he joins a band of exiled villagers and becomes their leader. With their help he 
attempts to cleanse the land of the evil that the Sheriff has spread.


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