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June 24, 2017

Santoalla (2016) Trailer


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A Dutch couple, Martin and Margo Verfondern, move to a remote Spanish village of Santoalla to start a new life. There is conflict with the Spanish residents resulting in the disappearance of Martin.

August 10, 2015

The Tall Man (2012) Trailer

The Tall Man

Fear Takes a New Shape

The Tall Man is a 2012 Canadian and French mystery-thriller film written and directed by Pascal Laugier. 

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When her child goes missing, Julia Denning (Jessica Biel) looks to unravel the legend of the Tall Man, an entity who allegedly abducts children... 

October 02, 2014

Biggles (1986) Trailer


Neil Dickson
Alex Hyde-White
Fiona Hutchinson
Peter Cushing
Marcus Gilbert
William Hootkins
John Hough

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One minute the New Yorker advertising expert Jim Ferguson is at a business party -- 
the next he finds himself way back in 1917 in a plane fight during World War I. 
Mr. Raymond explains to him that he has a time-twin, to whom he's relocated in
 space and time whenever one of them is in trouble. So he has to help his twin,
 biplane pilot Biggles, in his attempt to destroy a German super weapon, that could 
win their war. Of course it's hard for Jim to explain his sudden disappearances
 to his fiance, Debbie.


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