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June 22, 2015

Flesh Feast (1970) Trailer

Flesh Feast

Morbid horror in vivid COLOR

Flesh Feast (released in 1970, though shot in 1967) is an American horror film that features Veronica Lake in her final screen performance.

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Original 1970 trailer for Veronica Lake's final film, in which she plays a mad scientist out to bring Hitler back to life by way of fresh body parts and specially bred maggots! Directed by Brad F. Grinter who went on to make the only pro-Christian, anti-drug, turkey-headed-monster horror film in history, BLOOD FREAK.

February 09, 2015

Talk Radio (1988) Trailer

Talk Radio

The last neighborhood in America.

Talk Radio is a 1988 American drama film, starring Eric Bogosian, Ellen Greene, and Leslie Hope.

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