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October 06, 2016

Priceless (2016) Trailer


She's Worth Fighting For

Priceless is American drama/thriller film about human trafficking, inspired by true events. It is directed by Ben Smallbone and produced by Steve Barnett. 

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Desperately in need of money and having hopes of regaining custody of his daughter, a man (Joel Smallbone) embarks on a cross-country delivery for cash -- no questions asked.

June 16, 2015

The Face of an Angel (2014) Trailer

Die Augen des Engels

Forget the truth, find the story

The Face of an Angel is a 2014 British psychological thriller film directed by Michael Winterbottom and written by Paul Viragh, inspired by the book Angel Face, drawn from crime coverage by Newsweek/Daily Beast writer Barbie Latza Nadeau. 

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Both a journalist and a documentary filmmaker chase the story of a murder and its prime suspect.


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